Affordable Dental Care

At Springbank Hill Dental, we are happy to provide you with an estimate of costs before you begin treatment so there will be no surprises. We’re here to help make it easy for you and your family to access quality dental care.

We accept the following:

  • Cash
  • Visa & MasterCard
  • Dental Insurance
  • Interac Direct Payment
  • In-House Financing

Dental Insurance Information

Springbank Hill Dental is an insurance-friendly practice, and offers direct-billing. We make every effort to maximize your benefits. As part of our services to you, we are happy to bill your insurance company on your behalf, and accept their payment directly.

Please bring your insurance information when you come in for your appointment. We will work with you to ensure that you receive the maximum benefits to which you are entitled. Remember, dental insurance is intended to cover some, but not all of the costs of your dental care.

Financial FAQ

Are all of your services covered by dental insurance?

Each insurance plan differs in what dental services are covered and how much of a procedure is covered. You can check with your insurance company to determine what exactly your plan takes care of, or you can call our office and our financial coordinator will be happy to check for you.

What if the procedure I need is not covered by insurance?

We want patients to understand that just because dental insurance does not cover a specific treatment does not mean that it’s not necessary. The services that your dental insurance covers are dictated by the details of your insurance agreement, not by what is in your best interest. Dental insurance should be viewed as a way to simply help cover costs. We will continue to provide our professional recommendations, but it will always remain your decision about which treatments to go through with.

Do you have a payment plan available?

Our practice offers in-house financing on a case by case basis to make it easier for you to cover out-of-pocket costs. We will sit down with you to work out a payment schedule that meets your needs and your specific treatment.

Do you offer direct billing?

Yes, we do offer direct insurance billing, also called “assignment”. Direct Billing is an arrangement that is made between an insurance provider and dental clinic where the dentist sends bills for services directly to the health insurance company. The patient is only responsible for paying any remaining balance.

When is payment due?

Any costs not covered by insurance will be due at the time services are rendered unless you have established a payment plan with our office.